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Acoustic Slabs

How It Works

The acoustic slabs consist of one or more underground slabs that are sensitive to micro-variations in pressure. This allows the slabs to detect footsteps with greater precision. A built in timer system prevents over-counting of pedestrians who step twice on the slabs. 
The modular design of the acoustic slabs allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in installation on trails with varying widths. Up to eight slabs can be connected to a single counting system. For wide passages, the dimensions and spacing of the slabs can count people walking alongside each other, while maintaining an accuracy of ± 5%.

The Acoustic slab is designed to be completely undetectable once installed.

For bidirectional detection of traffic, 2 rows of slabs can be installed.


The Acoustic slab is suitable for hiking trails, public parks and gardens with paved surfaces and semi-urban footpaths (stabilized).



  • Single direction detection (per mat)

  • Bidirectional configuration available

  • 15 minutes data recording intervals 

  • Auto data transmission daily

  • 10 years battery life

  • Waterproof, works well in all weather conditions

  • Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Size: 60cm x 50cm x 1.6cm

  • Weight: 4.5 kg 

  • Material: Hard plastic with silicon seal and brass junction nozzle

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