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Past Projects

Over the past few years, kl:kk has manages to complete a diverse amount of projects.
Vehicular Traffic Surveys

Vehicular Traffic Surveys involve counting and classifying vehicles into different categories and calculation of travelling time under different road conditions. The aim of such surveys is to monitor the traffic situation through statistical data e.g. the timing and congestion of different roads. 


For roads, we mainly classify vehicles into 5 main categories: cars, motorcycles, buses, heavy goods vehicles(HGV) and light goods vehicles(LGV). Equipments used include Video-based Traffic Monitoring System, ZELT and Pneumatic TUBEs.

Further classification of vehicles can be provided according to the needs of our clients. 


We follow the Singapore standards and take measurements in hourly intervals or intervals of 15 minutes. If necessary, we provide 24 hour data as well. 

Vehicular Traffic Survey @ One-North 2016
Travel Time Survey @ One-North 2017
Pedestrian/ Cyclist Traffic Surveys

Pedestrian and Cyclist Surveys mainly involves counting people, cyclists and even PMD users in different directions. Further classification of pedestrians, cyclists, and PMD users can be provided according to the needs of our clients.


These datas can be used to analyse human traffic situations (eg. peak hours) in various places so as to better implement crowd-management strategies if required.

Such surveys can be carried out on pathways, pedestrian crossings, Park Connector Networks (PCN) etc. using equipments like Video-based Traffic Monitoring System, PYRO Sensors, Mobile MULTI, Acoustic Slabs, CITIX IR, ZELT (bicycles, PMDs) and Pneumatic TUBEs (bicycles, PMDs).

We provide data in 15 minute intervals, hourly intervals and up to 2 hours intervals upon client's request.

Visitorship Surveys

Visitorship Surveys, similar to the Pedestrian Surveys, counts the number of visitors at a chosen location. Visitorship Surveys, however, can be carried out in indoor locations such as shopping malls or underpasses. 


Indoor equipments like Instant Counting Mats, PYRO Sensors, CITIX are capable of providing long term data ranging from 2 to 3 days to months of continuous recording, making data collection convenient and hassle-free.

Vehicular Traffic Surveys
Pedestrian/ Cyclist Traffic Surveys
Visitorsip Surveys
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