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How It Works

The CITIX-IR thermal sensor is intended for multiple people counting and detection applications. The system uses passive infrared technology to count pedestrians and extract directional data. No images are recorded, therefore privacy is not an issue.

The CITIX IR is waterproof and can be mounted anywhere above entrances or exits where its view will not be blocked.

The higher the installed height, the larger the detection area.


The thermal sensor is mounted facing downwards, with an unhindered bird’s-eye view of the target area.


The width range of the detection zone is approximately equal to the mounting height of the sensor. If the sensor is mounted at 3.5m (11’6’’), the sensing area is around 3.25m x 3.25m (10’6’’ x 10’6’’) at ground level.

The lens has a mounting height range of 2.2m - 4.8m (7’ - 15’5’’).


  • Up to 6 detection directions

  • Maximum mounting height: 4.8m

  • 60 minutes or 15 minutes data recording intervals 

  • Auto data transmission daily

  • Detection speed range: 0.5 to 3 m/s

  • Operating temperature range: -25 to 50 degree celsius 

  • 11 to 23 months data storage

  • Size: 140mm x 133mm x 80mm

  • Material: Die-cast aluminium 

  • Weight: 1.7 kg

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