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How It Works

The CITIX-AI counts and classifies pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds, cars, trucks, and buses to obtain reliable and complete traffic trends.

Designed to strict specifications, CITIX-AI is a modern and easy-to-install counter perfect for urban environments with wide lanes.


Implement a user classification system within designated active transportation zones characterized by reduced motorized traffic flow, aimed at incentivizing, and promoting non-motorized transportation methods. These zones encompass areas including Park Connector Networks (PCNs), public parks, and dedicated bike lanes, where active transportation pursuits are notably prevalent



  • Camera with Sony Starvis 4k sensor

  • Artificial Intelligence Neural Network (AI)

  • GDPR compliant Real-time image processing by the AI algorithm.
    Only the count data is transmitted

  • Installation height: 4 to 8 m 

  • Covered width Up to 15 m 

  • Camera Dimensions 230 mm x 90 mm x 76 mm(1.1kg)

  • Modem Box Dimensions 200 mm x 280 mm x 65 mm(1.2kg)

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