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Instant Counting Mats

How It Works

With 650 touch-sensitive contact points per square meter, the indoor counting mat uses an intelligent counting algorithm to achieve 95% accuracy in detection and counting of visitors.
Instant Counting Mat is flexible and adaptable, allowing up to 90 counting mats to be interconnected to a wireless network at the same time. A dedicated software is available for real-time monitoring of data. Instant Counting Mat is suitable for counting of visitors at a variety of events. 
The intelligent algorithm is capable of performing with high accuracy under high traffic. It is able to identify and eliminate potential double counting resulting from feet-wiping, luggage and trolleys.


Instant Counting Mat is portable and easy to install and relocate. The ultra thin body can be concealed under conventional carpets. 

Instant Counting Mat can be placed at entrances and exits for localized analysis of visitor flow at specific zones.


  • Bidirectional detection

  • 15 minutes data recording intervals 

  • Wireless data transmission (ZigBee Network)

  • Self-powered (6 months to 1 year battery life)

  • Size per mat: 910mm x 610mm x 7mm 

  • Weight of mat: 3.6kg

  • Breaking strength: 3 tons

  • Sensitivity per contact point: 450g

  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride

*Only for rental, email us for more information!

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