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Mobile MULTI

How It Works

The Mobile MULTI is designed for temporary pedestrian and bicycle counting. The system brings together two types of sensor technologies, PYRO-Box and Pneumatic TUBEs, that target respective user type. 
Different signals are analyzed by the intelligent SMART Connect system, which is able to prioritize choices in order to classify the different user types. The system is also able to extract directional data. 
The Mobile MULTI composes of one PYRO-Box connected with two Pneumatic TUBEs. 


The Mobile MULTI is a versatile counting device that can be configured to count purely pedestrians or purely bicycles, or a combination of pedestrians and bicycles on specified lanes. 

It is suitable for parks or park connectors where both pedestrian walkways and bicycle lanes are present.


  • Bidirectional detection

  • 60 minutes or 15 minutes data recording intervals 

  • Auto/ Manual data transmission

  • Detection range for pedestrians: 4m

  • Detection range of bicycles: 9m (selective TUBEs), 6m (mini TUBEs)

  • Internal battery life: 10 years

  • Modem battery life: 2 years

  • Size of PYRO box: 195mm x 110mm x 275mm

  • Size of Pneumatic TUBE: 150cm, 15mm diameter

  • Material of PYRO box: Polyamide (30% glass fibre reinforced)

  • Material of Pneumatic TUBE: Rubber

  • Weight of PYRO box: 3 kg

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