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Are PMD and Bike Users Well-informed About the Rules and Regulations of Riding?

3 December 2017

Everyday, we see more PMD users and cyclists. However, many of these users disregard their safety when riding. With an increasing need for safety awareness among cyclists, this begets the question on whether cyclists are aware of the current rules and regulations.


Over the past year, there has been an increase in the number of bicycle related incidents. According to statistics provided by the LTA, 132 PMDs were seized between January and April of 2017. In addition, the increased popularity of the shared bike services also adds on to the number of unpleasant incidents involving PMDs and bicycles.



We have evaluated various schemes which attempt to increase the awareness of rules and regulations involving PMDs. Overall, we noticed that despite these informative platforms, PMD users are under-informed about road safety and regulations.




Educational Programs


Currently, there are several programmes promoting bike safety. One such programme is the Safe Riding Programme where courses on safe riding are carried out in community centres and schools. These courses include real life simulations such as pedestrians crossing the road.

The Ministry of Education has programmes specifically targeting primary and secondary school students. Schools that have taken up this program include Qihua Primary School and East View Secondary School. The programme was launched during Singapore Road Safety Month and comprises both theory and practical sessions.

Despite the availability of these programmes, many PMD users do not participate or unaware of their existence. Currently, the programmes are undergoing fine-tuning by organisers.


If carried out effectively, these programmes have the potential to increase awareness of the rules and regulations regarding usage of PMDs. If you are a PMD user, do take time to find out more and participate in these programme as they will definitely benefit.






While travelling around on a bike, riders are bound to notice these signs that are usually placed near cycling paths (parks, park connectors etc.).

Such signs are strategically placed as they remind riders to take note of their safety.


However, accidents can still occur due to the negligence of cyclists if they are not alert to their surroundings. Therefore, it is the responsibility of cyclists to pay attention to these signs while being aware of their surroundings.

Media and Advertisement

In today's day and age, one of the most effective platforms to spread messages is the media. Currently, there are some guidelines and brochures available to educate the general public on the code of conduct for bike users.


SportSG has released a "Safe Cycling Guide" to help cyclists ensure their safety when cycling.

Also, SPH Razortv released a short series on safe cycling which is currently available on YouTube.


However, these modes of advertising do not effectively reach out to the general public. Based on observations, advertisements on MRT conduct and road safety for cars are much more common than those for bikes, which render cyclists unaware of the regulations.

Updated on 14 June 2018

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