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Pneumatic TUBEs

How It Works

Eco-Counter's Pneumatic TUBE counter is the perfect solution for temporary (one-day to one-month) bike counting.
The system uses a set of two tubes that are placed perpendicular to traffic flow along the pavement.
The system simultaneously measures the speed of each user and the distance between the front and back wheels. The data enables TUBE counter to distinguish bicycles from motorized vehicles in mixed traffic, extract directional data, and accurately count the number of cyclists moving in a group.


The TUBE counter is versatile (used on- or off-street) and easy to install (installation takes less than 30 minutes).

Mini-TUBEs are available for the purpose of counting cyclists on greenways and bicycle lanes. Mini-TUBEs are smaller in diameter to maximize cyclists' comfort while cycling over them. 

Selective TUBEs can also be used to extract bicycles counts on roads with mixed traffic, while ignoring motorized vehicles such as cars, buses and motorbikes.


  • Bidirectional detection

  • 60 minutes or 15 minutes data recording intervals 

  • Auto/ Manual data transmission

  • Battery life: 10 years (Manual transmission)

  • Battery life: 2 years (auto transmission)

  • Length of TUBE: 9m

  • Diameter of classic TUBE: 15mm

  • Diameter of mini-TUBE: 9mm 

  • Material: Rubber

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