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The PYRO Evo is a self-containing counting system that counts pedestrians and cyclists by detecting their body temperature with its passive-infrared, high-precision lens. It consists of a concealable sensor that is completely weatherproof.

The sensor features patented technology developed by Eco-Counter that allows a single sensor to reliably detect direction using two detection beams analyzed by distinctive cells in the sensor. 

How It Works


The PYRO Evo can be procured with or without housing, making it versatile during installation as it can be concealed in wall or poles when required. 

With the PYRO Evo Box and PYRO Evo Post, the waterproof, battery operated and concealable PYRO Evo is the perfect solution for monitoring pedestrians along trails, waterways or parks.

PYROevo Post.JPG


  • Bidirectional detection

  • 1m/4m/10m detection range

  • Can be combined to extend the range

  • 60 minutes or 15 minutes data recording intervals

  • Auto data transmission

  • 4 data transmission per day 

  • 2 years battery life

  • Size of PYRO Evo: 103mm x 100mm x 38mm

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