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Changi Airport Terminal 4:

Wheelchair Accessibility

29 November 2017

The nation’s pride, our national icon, Changi Airport.What does it mean to be the best airport in the world? Above all the architectural design, this will all prove futile without accessibility.

Public Bus


Locating the public bus stop outside Terminal 4 is simple as there are clear directions given by the signs in the airport, although the bus stop is actually separated from the terminal by a short traffic light. If the signs confuse you, there are also friendly staffs at the information desk at your service! 

Refer to our previous post, for more details about getting to Terminal 4.




The lift is an essential transportation device for all wheelchair users. However, it has a smaller capacity (in terms of space) compared to the other airport terminals. Due to its limited space, it is only able to transport 2 trolleys at once. If there is a wheelchair user with his or her family using the lift, it is likely  that they have to be separated and make the trip twice.


On a brighter note, since the lift only serves several levels, the frequency was high.




Food Court

Despite it being the lunch peak period, the walkways were wide enough for us to maneuver easily. We were also able to purchase our food with little hassle.


The food court was generally wheelchair-friendly with the tables at an acceptable height. 



Shuttle Bus - Terminal 4 to Terminal 2

The placement of signages in Terminal 4 were effective and easily noticeable. Navigating to our destination was a breeze with the useful wayfinding signboards. 

Taxi Stand


It is heartening that Terminal 4 also offers a priority queue for wheelchair users, pregnant ladies and parents with infants. This helps to create an apathetic environment, spreading our values to tourists who visits Singapore. 

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