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Klkk Consulting and Research Pte Ltd

Our Services

Counting Solutions 

We provide frontend data analytics services making use of equipment: PYRO Sensor, Instant Counting Mat, Mobile MULTI and Pneumatic TUBE.

Industrial Collaboration  

We are open to collaboration to innovate, improve, and discover solutions regarding both people and vehicular traffic management. 

Traffic Counting Survey

We assist in acquiring traffic data. These include people and vehicular counting, both indoors and outdoors.

Travel Time Survey

We analyse travelling time required for different routes and traffic conditions. 

Our Mission

KL:KK believes the future of a liveable and sustainable city lies largely in its management of space and how its people move safely and efficiently, from place to place. Ultimately, the city of the future should depend less on motorised transport and rely more on walking, cycling and other alternative modes of green transport.


The key to designing and promoting liveable streetscapes is to gather and make sense of data and travel trends. Understanding such information will result in quality environments that support daily physical activities, promote healthier lifestyles and a cleaner environment.

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